Douglas and Associates Ltd. is an agency with over 19 years of experience in clinical psychology and consulting services. Our St. Augustine office was established in 2002 by Dr. Dianne Douglas.

Dr. Douglas is a distinguished psychologist whose illustrious career has included, among other positions, serving as the President of the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Psychologists. Our establishment is a result of her commitment to providing the highest quality psychological services to the people and organisations of the Caribbean.

We consider our work a sacred calling, treating each person and organisation with sensitivity and respect. Our psychological care is always confidential and upholds the highest ethical standards. To ensure this, we follow strict security protocols to protect your privacy and data.

At a personal and family level, we work with compassion to help you overcome the issues preventing you from achieving your full potential of your life and relationships.

For organisations, we offer lively seminars, workshops, and retreats which are meant to engage you and your colleagues, addressing the challenges of the modern-day workforce.

Whatever your needs may be, Douglas and Associates is well equipped to meet them. Contact us today to see what we can achieve together!